Entertainment for Large Scale Events


1. Hello Bubbles! Bubblelogist Solo Bubblemaking – OUTDOORS
The bubbleologist will use all sorts of different wands to make huge amounts of bubbles that the kids can run around and pop. They will be amazed at these incredible bubbles. The bubblolgist will also have a portable speaker that play family friendly music. 2 hours: 200.00 3 hours: 275.00

2. Hello Bubbles! Outdoor Bubblemaking Activity up to 25 kids at a time-OUTDOORS
The bubbleologist will set up several kiddie pools and will assist the kids in making bubbles with all sorts of high quality bubble wands with amazing bubble solution. Great for parents to play with their children. Can only accommodate up to 25 kids at a time, so need to make sure families are passing through, especially at huge events. We would set up a perimeter as best we could with cones. We also will have a portable speaker to play family friendly music.
1 hour: 175.00
2 hours: 250.00
3 hours: 325.00
(3 hours is about the longest we can do this option, unless there is water available and nearby on site)

3. Hello Bubbles! Kid in a Bubble Station – INDOORS
One at a time, kids will be able to be inside their own bubble. Our equipment is also big enough for an adult holding a baby to be put inside a bubble as well. Parents will love taking pictures of this awesome moment.
1 hour: 150.00
2 hours: 200.00 3 hours: 250.00

4. Face-Painting – (can be an add on to another program or on it’s own)
Want some fun face-painting?? Kids will enjoy listening to fun music while getting colorful shapes and animals painted on their faces, including lizards, butterflies, dinosaurs, stars, cupcakes, fairies, mustaches, flowers, and many more!

5. Need a Super Hero??? You can add Super Bubble Girl to any of the first 3 options.